Timna National Park, located about 25 Kilometer(17 miles) north of Eilat, is comprised of a horseshoe shaped valley surrounded by steep cliffs. At the center of the valley is Mount Timna, the first copper mine in the world, standing about 453 meters (1500 feet high). The attractions are a combination of breathtaking scenery, fascinating history, and activities for the entire family to enjoy.

Timna offers a wide variety of archaeological, geological, and scenic sites including acacia trees and other arid land vegetation. Also, you will notice herds of wild Ibex all along the cliff tops.

The park is considered to be one to top attractions in the Negev with thousands of ancient copper mining shafts throughout, as well as, remains of the smelting furnaces dating back to ancient Imperial Egypt. In fact, at that time, copper was the first metal used to makes household tools and weapons, as well as, ornaments.

Dont Miss: The Mines of Time – a special multimedia presentation about the Egyptian G-ds and ancient Egyptian copper production presented in a round auditorium that revolves a full 360 degrees with seven projectors and and state of the art sound system.

What to do at Timna National Park

Hiking in Timna by Avital Pinnick on Flickr

Hiking: There are 25 hiking routes of different lengths throughout the park where you can view Solomon’s Pillars, the Mushroom, the Arches, the rock paintings, amazing wildlife, plants, and refreshing Timna Lake.

Mountain Biking: This National Park is considered to be one of the most exciting places in the entire country for mountain biking. They offer bike and helmet rental as well as toilet and shower facilities.

Dining: King Solomon’s Khan restaurant, located on Lake Timna, is a fascinating stone building with wooden beams offering light lunches, including pita baked over an open fire atop a traditional taboon oven.

Timna Lake by Or Hiltch on Flickr

Timna Lake: Imagine a refreshing pedal boat in the middle of the desert This and more is included with the entrance fee.

Solomon’s Pillars: Perfectly formed sandstone columns formed by entirely by nature. Truly a sight to behold.

Colored Sand Bottle Craft: For kids, there is activities such as sand bottling, but this is really different as the sand is colored naturally as a result of the minerals it has absorbed.

Overnight Camping: Located next to Timna Lake, the park offers overnight camping with large tents with mats and mattresses or you can use your own tent. There are hot showers, toilets, lighting, and sinks.

For more information: http://www.parktimna.co.il

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Park Timna