Things to do in Jerusalem

Things to do in Jerusalem

Things to do in Jerusalem- For my top picks and recommendations for the best things to do, best sites to visit,  and most exciting activities in Jerusalem see my selections to follow: 


Things to do in Jerusalem

Jerusalem Pub Crawl

Holy City Tour

A single day tour that will be like walking through the Bible. See the holiest places to all three major religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Muslim.

Jerusalem Pub Crawl

Jerusalem Day Tour from Tel Aviv

The holiest city in the World in a day. Visit all four quarters featuring the holiest sites to all major religions. the Wailing wall, the Via Dolorosa.

Jerusalem Pub Crawl

Mount of Olives Tour

Explore this Jerusalem treasure which is sacred to Christians and Jews alike. the oldest Jewish cemetery in the world, and fantastic panoramic views.

Sunrise Masada

Sunrise Masada Tour, Ein Gedi and Dead Sea From Jerusalem

A sunrise climb of Masada along the snake path to experience amazing views over the Dead Sea and Judean Valley, a Ein Gedi and floating in the Dead Sea.

Jerusalem Pub Crawl

Jerusalem Pub Crawl

Experience the lively nightlife of Jerusalem, join fellow travelers and chat with locals. You will be amazed at what Jerusalem offers after dark. 

Jerusalem Pub Crawl

Jerusalem Mahane Yehuda Market Tasting

You can’t miss this famous landmark on your next trip to Jerusalem,  the Mahane Yehuda market offering sights, smells, and especially the tastes in a single  day experience.

Jerusalem Pub Crawl

Humus Workshop and Dinner

Spend an evening chatting and meeting other travelers, preparing  a local favorite Humus and other vegetarian Middle Eastern specialties. 

Jerusalem Pub Crawl

Jerusalem Sabbath Experience

Feel the incredible energy of the beginning of Shabbat in the Holy City as thousands gather in the city for prayer and ritual and experience the indescribable atmosphere.

Meet Orthodox Jews

Mea Shearim Tour

Explore and learn more about the Ultra-Orthodox Jews of Mea Shearim Jerusalem with this one day visit.

Israel West Bank and Jordan 12 Day Package Pic

Jerusalem and Dead 3 Day Experience

Experience the top attractions in the ancient Holy City of Jerusalem for 2 whole days, then descend into the Judean Desert to the lowest place on the planet, The Dead Sea and Masada for self guided tours.

Segway Jerusalem

Segway Jerusalem

Segway Jerusalem – Enjoy an amazing up close guided tour of the best Jerusalem has to offer on a Segway. Super comfortable and easy to operate.

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Jerusalem of Gold’ as it is fondly known, is considered holy by the three major religions – Christianity, Judaism and Islam. The city offers an experience unlike any other in the world. It also happens to be the capital of Israel.

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