After having traveled between Israel and the US at least two dozen times, I am happy to share with you my insider secrets. Check out my recommendations for the best deals on cell phones and SIM cards for Israel.

I can still remember calling home from Israel back before cell phones, and the cost was astronomical. Can you believe you can now get a free SIM card, unlimited data and calls within Israel or almost anywhere in the world? All this for as little as 17 cents per minute!

TalknSave Mobile Plans

Israel Cell Phone Plans for Visitors

  • Don’t wait until you arrive at Ben Gurion Airport to acquire a SIM card. You will be sorry as the prices will skyrocket, limiting your options.
  • Contact my friends at TalknSave for packages with varying amounts of talk time based on your personal requirements. I have used them before and they are the best company offering the best deals.
  • The Just Data Plan includes high speed data so you can stay connected. This plan comes with a Free SIM. There is no charge for incoming calls and texts.
  • Unlimited Everything Plan – includes a Free SIM, unlimited international calls to many countries, local texts, and unlimited data. This is my recommended favorite as you will use your phone more than you think.
  • Stay Local Number – This is a fantastic option to purchase an overseas phone number so your friends and family can reach you without long distance charges. Calls can be forwarded from your existing cell phone.
  • Please contact TalknSave for more details.

TalknSave Mobile Plans

Long Term Phone Rental Israel

  • There are also specially priced rentals for students or incoming immigrants (Olim). These plans are ‘no contract’ plans that have monthly fixed fees and offer unlimited everything.
  • For about $30 month, you can get a FREE SIM, unlimited international talk, local texting, and high speed data.
  • Please contact TalknSave for more details.

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Bruchim haba’im le’yisrael! (Welcome to Israel)