A unique perspective of Jerusalem

If you are looking to do something different on your next visit to Israel then I highly recommend the ‘Dual Narrative Tour’ of the old city of Jerusalem.

I took this tour a few months ago and was very impressed by the way the tour was presented. 

We were met at 09.00 at Jaffa Gate by our tour guides for the day, Aziz, who is a Palestinian from east Jerusalem and Keren, a 7th generation Israeli Jerusalemite.

The dual narrative tour started immediately with us looking at the surrounding views of the old city and hearing how over the ages the city grew out beyond the walls. The tour took us through Jaffa Gate, to Mt Zion, views to Mt. of Olives, the Jewish Quarter, Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Western Wall, Temple Mount (Dome of the Rock Complex), the Muslim Quarter, Via Dolorosa, then out of the old city via Damascus Gate.

All throughout the tour we hear the history of Jerusalem via two perspectives. The Jewish perspective and the Palestinian. Both Aziz and Keren’s knowledge of the history and complexity of the city is impressive and as promised from the beginning, we finish the tour even more confused than we started it, yet also a little more enlightened. 

There is a lot of walking involved so be prepared. I would also recommend the extended culinary tour after. We did this too and got to taste amazing food in the old city and in Machane Yehuda.
This tour is a must.

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