So how is authentic jewelry made in Israel different from any other Jewish jewelry or Judaica commonly found in the market today? You can easily find many online jewelry suppliers claiming they are selling authentic Israeli jewelry, however unless it is actually made in Israel by local Israeli artisans and jewelry designers, it is not authentic.



I very much enjoy visiting a famous artists’ colony in northern Israel called Ein Hod with quaint streets that are home to a varied number of artisans and jewelry designers. Many of them actually live in their studios and open up their homes to the public. Another very interesting destination for fine Israeli jewelry is the old city of Jaffa (Yafo in Hebrew). The narrow streets of Jaffa much like Ein Hod are lined with small unique boutiques, design shops and studios. Some of them appear on the exterior as simply private residences, but a closer look reveals they are actually studios.

Where do I Buy Authentic Israeli Jewelry…

Either I recommend a trip to Israel in your very near future or you can check out Judaica Webstore Store. They feature a wide variety of a stunning, hand-picked selection of unusual jewelry made in Israel for all occasions, including exclusive items you won’t find anywhere else.



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