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Below you can find products ordered by fellow Israel Travel Secrets readers - look for the text ordered by ITS readers and similar indications - as well as the most popular in Judaica and Israeli products based on a deep dive into data by JudaicaWebstore.

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Silver Personalized Hebrew Name Pendant-Necklace

70 Reviews

- Ordered by ITS readers -
Express your identity with this classic necklace, featuring a pendant with your Hebrew name. If you need, we can do the translation into Hebrew. You're shown the translation before the pendant is made.

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Silver Bracelet With Four Jewish Charms

4 Reviews

Treat yourself to a silver bracelet featuring Jewish charms that represent some classic Jewish ideas and themes, including the star of David, pomegranate, Shema Israel and the Kohen Gadol's breastplate or Choshen.

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Priests' Blessing & Gold Star of David Ring

17 Reviews

This ring is fit for a king - or even two. The Ethics of Our Fathers refers to the "crown of priesthood" and the "crown of royalty" - and this ring combines both themes with the priestly blessing and King David's symbol.

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Ahava Extreme Day Cream

14 Reviews

This cream combines Dead Sea minerals with unique rejuvenating ingredients from around the world. From the reviews: "This is the only face cream I will use. I am a grandmother and have had strangers think I am 15 years younger." "I am amazed at the change in my face."

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AHAVA Mineral Hand Cream

31 Reviews

- Very Popular With ITS readers -
From the reviews: "I first ran into Ahava Hand Cream about 15 years ago and have kept using it steadily ever since. I use it for my face and body, as well as hands. It has a luxurious texture, is deeply moisturizing, and the Dead Sea mud compounds are deeply healing."

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Edom Q10 Mineral Anti Wrinkle Cream

23 Reviews

- Very popular with ITS readers -
Edom's extremely popular cream reduces the appearance of wrinkles and rejuvenates the skin. Includes Q10, a coenzyme that acts as an antioxidant and fights free radicals.

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Silver Kiddush Cup & Saucer With Golden Old Jerusalem Arches

3 Reviews

This stemmed kiddush cup features a 3D relief of Jerusalem with gold leaf. From the reviews: "Very beautifully made cup. I love the detail."

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Yair Emanuel Jerusalem-Theme Candlesticks

1 Reviews

These wooden, hand-painted candlesticks uniquely portray Jerusalem. They feature Jerusalem's skyline, and are shaped as a Star of David. The Star of David was King David's symbol, and King David made Jerusalem his capital.

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Dorit Judaica Stainless Steel Swarovski Challah Board

No Reviews Yet

This remarkable challah cutting board elegantly depicts cut out wheat stalks, while underneath reads the blessing for bread, "Ha-Motzi Lechem Min Ha-Aretz."

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Pure Wool, White & Gold-Stripe Tallit

11 Reviews

The Code of Jewish Law, or Shulchan Aruch, rules that a 100% wool tallit is certainly required, by the Torah and not only by the Rabbis, to have tzitzit (ritual fringes). This tallit is thus the ritually ideal way to fulfil the mitzvah.

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Deluxe Torah Scroll Replica

11 Reviews

This replica features the full text of the Torah, with punctuation. It's large size allows it to look like a regular Torah from the outside, and it comes with a traditional Ashkenazi cover. JudaicaWebstore also carry replicas with Sephardi cylindrical covers.

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Yair Emanuel Embroidered Kippah

16 Reviews

This silk kippah features an original Star of David design by Jerusalem-based Israeli artist Yair Emanuel.

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Judean Hills Handmade Leather Sandals

27 Reviews

These attactive, custom, handmade leather sandals feature a comfortably smooth base with a thick strap across the midfoot while a stylish X-pattern secures the forefoot. Unisex design.

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I Support Israel Bracelet: Multiple Colors Available

205 Reviews

- Ordered by ITS readers -
Show your support for Israel with this ever-popular bracelet. Also a great item for fundraisers as it's light, making bulk orders relatively inexpensive to ship.

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Protect The Environment Tee: Multiple Colors

No Reviews Yet

- Very popular with ITS readers -
In Hebrew, the text reads: Protect the environment, because if you destroy, there won't be anyone after you to repair it.

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Blessing For The Home Wall Hanging

10 Reviews

The stainless steel wall hanging reads: "In this home shall be found joy, health, wealth, blessing and peace."

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Ahava (Love) Silver Pendant

8 Reviews

The Israel Museum Ahava (love) product line is adapted from the Museum's sculpture featuring the letters ordered as above. This .925 silver pendant is 1cm square. Bought as a Bat Mitzvah present, amongst others.

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24K Gold Plated Havdalah Set

No Reviews Yet

This havdalah set features turqouise enamel and gold-plating to produce an attractive set reminiscent of the shaping and styles of Renaissance-era havdalah sets in Europe.

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Ashkenazi-Script Kosher Mezuzah Parchment

5 Reviews

This mezuzah parchment features Ashkenazi script, meaning that it complies with Ashkenazic halachic views on the calligraphy of the text. JudaicaWebstore also carry Sephardic script and Ari/Chasidic script mezuzah parchments.

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Wall Hanging - If I Forget Thee O Jerusalem

4 Reviews

This stainless steel wall hanging reads: "If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, may I forget my right hand."

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Yair Emanuel Laser Cut Hand Painted Bowl - Jerusalem Motif

16 Review

Perfect for your display case or your friend's, this laser cut, very colorful bowl brightens up a room or can also serve to hold large fruit such as pomegranates or apples.

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Limited Edition Marc Chagall Mezuzah - Ten Commandments

2 Reviews

Based on Chagall's "I Am The Lord Thy God" painting, the art features the Children of Israel receiving the Ten Commandments under a burning Menorah. It is set in a gold-plated bronze case.

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David Gerstein Couple's Faces Sculpture

No Reviews

The beautiful and exciting art deco look of this piece will add a fantastic splash to whatever room it adorns! Free standing serigraph on cut steel.

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Numbered Marc Chagall Lithograph - The Exodus

No Reviews

Featuring Moses receiving the Torah on the right and King David and Jerusalem on the left, Chagall here imagines the connection of Israel's royal dynasty to its religious heritage.

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Deluxe Illuminated Bible

9 Reviews

Key scenes and people of the Bible's classic stores are illustrated ("illuminated") in this unique work that reproduces and ancient practice and illustrative styles with modern technology.

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Koren Sacks Siddur: Hebrew With English Translation

2 Reviews

With a rich introduction and commentary by former Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, this siddur is not just a prayer book, but also a means to study and understand why we say what we say. National Jewish Book Awards Finalist.

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Handcrafted-Leather-Bound Koren Readers' Tanakh

No Reviews

The Koren Readers' Tanakh features a unique, handcrafted leather binding, space to record key dates such as family celebrations, and has the approval of the Israeli Chief Rabbinate for haftara reading in synagogue.

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Galilee Exclusive Wine Gift Package

3 Reviews

Featuring red wine and olive oil both from northern Israel. To help fight support the development of the Galilee area of Northern Israel, Galilee's brings together products from multiple farms and wineries and packages them as gift baskets.

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Lin's Honey & Apple-Shaped Dish

10 Reviews

An affordable and appreciated present for Rosh Hashana! Lin's Farm is a boutique honey producer based near Sderot, but producing wine both in the Negev (southern Israeli desert) and Jerusalem foothills.

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De Karina Handmade Chocolates

1 Reviews

Argentine-born Israeli Karina studied chocolate-making with top French experts. Here she brings you an assortment of her tastiest pralines.

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Large Unpolished Ram Shofar

2 Reviews

The shofar's blasts on Rosh HaShanah arouse people to repentance. From the reviews: "We are so happy with our purchase of the Classical Ram's Shofar!" "This is a true blessing that came from the Land of Our Lord it brought her true reality of the Bible."

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Jerusalem Stone Hanukkah Menorah

No Reviews

This Chanukkah Menorah is kosher for lighting the Hanukkah candles, which symbolize the Maccabees' victory and renewal of the Temple service including lighting of the Menorah. From the reviews: "I bought a beautiful menorah as a gift for my mother. She was overjoyed! "

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Armenian Ceramic Passover Seder Plate

9 Reviews

The Passover Seder features items symbolic of our affliction in Egypt and redemption therefrom. This plate labels the places for each item and makes it easy to perform this part of the mitzvah.

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